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15 Gambar Ketika Main Buih

1. Forgotten dreams…
You can always associate bubbles with childhood dreams.

Forgotten dreams...
2. bubbles
The bubbles floating and fading away give this picture a great perspective.

3. Fitting a square in a circle
Even adults like bubbles.

Fitting a square in a circle
4. Boy and bubbles
Great black and white picture that focuses on just the boy and the bubbles.

Boy and bubbles
5. Bubble Catcher
We may of all had this moment as children. Being an adult shouldn’t stop you from chasing bubbles either.

Bubble Catcher
6. Bubbles and Colours
This is an unedited photo.

Bubbles & Colours
7. Twisted Worlds
Great focus on just the bubble and it gives a twisted look at what is being reflected.

Twisted Worlds
8. Bubble Popper
Every time a bubble is floating around, there is always the temptation to pop it. Few resist this feeling.

Bubble Popper
9. One Day I’ll Fly Away
Fantastic picture!

One Day I'll Fly Away
10. Lightness
Coloured soap bubbles in Rome, Italy.

11. Bubble symphony
You can put music and bubbles together all the time and it would always be perfect.

Bubble symphony
12. Bubble Mathematics
A creative photograph with an excellent view of the reflection.

Bubble Mathematics
13. Bolle…
Great lighting contrast being displayed here.

14. Look what I caught
Catching bubbles with a blade of grass.

Look what I caught
15. A L O N E
A lonely black and white bubble.


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